Flowers of the Future

Flowers are a symbolic gift that is purchased and gifted across the world to commemorate and commiserate, there are, however, several environmental impacts associated with mass-produced flowers. Large energy inputs are required for the intensive farming of fresh flowers, fueled by consumer demand. Countries such as the Netherlands must grow their flowers in greenhouses due to the cold climate and year-round cloud cover. Greenhouses are typically heated using non-renewable carbon sources and release large amounts of carbon dioxide. Beyond production, the carbon dioxide output is exacerbated by transportation and storage processes. This is where the beauty of science comes in, our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the fresh cut flower industry by utilizing real natural flowers that have undergone a professional bio preservation process to stay looking and feeling fresh for at least 12 months. By extending the lifespan of fresh flowers we are limiting the negative impact on our planet, without sacrificing the joy of having fresh flower arrangements. Flowers of the future - Beauty, longevity, and sustainability.

Our Flowers

Our arrangements are made using 100% real flowers and foliage that look and feel fresh. We have a wide range of flowers including roses, gardenias, gerbera daisies, dahlias, carnations, orchids, and sunflowers among others. Each of our arrangements is unique and comes with a beautiful coordinating vase. The flowers undergo a preservation process which enables them to look fresh with no water or maintenance requirements for up to 3 years! Care instructions are included with each arrangement to help it last for as long as possible. In addition to the beauty, longevity, and sustainability, our arrangements are also hypoallergenic as the preservation process deactivates the pollen of the flowers making them very unlikely to cause allergy symptoms. All of our arrangement are non-toxic.

Our Arrangements

We believe that everyone deserves the joy and luxury of our long-lasting arrangements, therefore, we offer a wide variety of products at various prices. Arrangements are priced based on size and material; additionally, we are happy to accommodate special orders in all price ranges. All arrangements are guaranteed to last at least one year, or we will replace it at no cost. Most arrangements will last years, however, their color will fade over time, in order to delay this, we recommend placing the flowers out of direct sunlight. As all of our arrangements are custom products, we do not accept returns or exchanges, however, if your product is damaged during shipping, please contact us for assistance.